Has an alien UFO ever been to the earth#

"UFO" fan case

Client: Kenneth Arnold

Nationality: USA

Occupation: Entrepreneur

What happened: on the afternoon of June 24, 1947, I flew over Mount Rainier in search of the lost c-46 transport plane of the US Marine Corps. At that time, the sky was clear, and my flight altitude was 2800 meters. All of a sudden, I noticed something flashing on the left side of the fuselage. At first, I thought I had hit another plane. But I immediately saw nine strange flying objects flying towards Mount Rainier on the right side of the fuselage. Like wild geese, they are flying in a string, flying across the water like a dish thrown out of the water, and galloping away in an uncertain way

After the "flying saucer" incident, the reporter connected it with "alien" when reporting. Since then, it has aroused the flying saucer craze. In fact, this is not the first time "UFO" has appeared. In January 1871, a farmer named John Martin in Texas claimed that he had seen a circular object flying in the air at an amazing speed. When reporting the news, the reporter used the word "flying saucer" for the first time, which caused the earliest flying saucer craze in the world.

Aliens coming?

After Arnold's report, the "flying saucer incident" frequently appeared in the newspapers. Their shapes are no longer single dish shaped. There are straw hat shaped, tire shaped, spherical, conical, and even cigar shaped, which can be described as various. And the number is thousands. Some people think that aliens may have come to earth, and "flying saucer" is an alien aircraft. This idea, first in the United States, and then in many parts of the world. Up to now, in our country, the saying about aliens and flying saucers is almost a household name, and in the public mind, "flying saucer" has already become the special name of strange alien aircraft.

UFO report of US Air Force

The "flying saucer incident" has attracted the attention of the US government, especially the US military.

In September 1947, the U.S. air force organized a special working group to investigate these astonishing incidents. Since the summer of 1951, this work was officially named "Blue Book Project". The air force team concluded that none of those incidents were caused by alien spaceships. However, such analysis and explanation can not satisfy the enthusiasm and imagination of the public, especially UFO fans, and there are still endless reports of UFO sightings.

In 1968, the U.S. air force organized an expert group at the University of Colorado, under the guidance of the famous physicist E.U. Condon, to conduct comprehensive and detailed research. Finally, 37 scientists jointly wrote a report on UFO scientific research. The report was examined by a special committee of the American Academy of Sciences and published in 1969. This is the famous Condon report. The report is 1465 pages long. From the perspectives of visual physiology, optics, astronomy, meteorology, psychology and engineering, the report fully analyzes the eyewitness description, photos and radar records of UFO events, and conducts field investigation and interviews with witnesses. The conclusion of "tianlaike" is that there is no need for further study. Accordingly, the "blue book" of the United States, which lasted for 22 years, was terminated at the end of the year.

At the end of the blue book project, the working group also published a 1500 page report, which published 12618 incidents collected since 1947 and conducted a detailed analysis. The final conclusion is that most of the events can be explained by atmospheric phenomena, astronomical phenomena and ordinary things on earth, but the remaining 10% of the cases can not be explained reasonably.

Why "UFO ≠ UFO"

It should be noted that UFO is not equal to UFO. UFO is just the abbreviation of "unidentified flying object". All kinds of flying objects of unknown nature can be called "UFO". After identification, most of these flying objects can be identified and certified as all kinds of known things.

Flying saucer is a kind of concrete object that people imagine. At present, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the existence of such an object. The existing evidence can not stand serious scrutiny.

Bubbles formed by fuel leakage from spacecraft are often reported as UFOs

The truth of UFO

1. Natural phenomena: bright celestial bodies, meteorological phenomena, etc.

2. Natural flying objects or man-made aircraft: flying insects, kites, airplanes, rocket launching, satellite debris, missiles, etc. Bubble like UFO, observed in many places in China on August 20, 2011, is a rapidly spreading bubble formed by the leakage of fuel from a spacecraft or final stage rocket in space.

3. Scientific experiments and military experiments: this involves confidentiality, which may be unknown to us.

4. Optical illusion: glass reflection, ghost in camera lens (i.e. light spot formed by refraction and reflection of multi-layer lens in lens), dust in camera lens.

5. Hallucinations and Scams: hallucinations of people with mental disorders and scams fabricated by some swindlers. For example, some widely circulated photos are fake.

"Roseville incident"

The most famous "flying saucer" incident was the "Roseville incident" in New Mexico in July 1947. It is said that the UFO of the aliens crashed here. The US air force not only found the fragments of the flying saucer, but also secretly dissected the bodies of the aliens. The "Roswell incident" has turned the town into a tourist attraction. After 40 years, the U.S. air force launched an in-depth investigation, declassified some confidential documents, and released two Roswell reports in 1994 and 1996 respectively. At that time, the US military carried out a military test code named "Mughal project" in New Mexico, trying to monitor the Soviet Union's nuclear explosion test with high-altitude balloons carrying detection instruments. According to the physical objects displayed by the US military at a press conference held after the incident, the wreckage of the so-called "flying saucer" is just the remains of a balloon.

The so-called alien corpse is actually a fake photo

It's not easy to meet you

Although in science fiction and movies, aliens have frequently visited the earth, but in fact, the communication and communication between intelligent life in space is very difficult. Our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is more than 40 trillion kilometers away from us, and it takes 4.2 years to get there even at the speed of light. If you think of the distance from the sun to the earth as a ping-pong ball diameter, it is 10 kilometers away from us. We can see how open space is and how difficult interstellar travel is. Even if the alien technology is more advanced than us, it is not easy to meet us in the vast universe.

At present, in the International Astronomical Union (IAU), there is a special committee - the 51st Committee - Biological astronomy Commission (exploration of extraterrestrial life), whose task is to contact, organize and coordinate the exploration and research of various countries in the world. But so far, we have not found even a solid evidence that there are extraterrestrial intelligent creatures to the earth.