Human diet

From single celled bacteria (such as bifidobacteria in yogurt and lactic acid bacteria in pickles), fungi (such as yeast, mushroom, agaric), to a wide range of plants, including lower algae (such as kelp, Porphyra), ferns (such as Dryopteris, Dryopteris, Dryopteris), gymnosperms (such as pine nuts, ginkgo), angiosperms (including a variety of vegetables, fruits, seeds, roots) Stem, even flowers), to almost all kinds of animals, including coelenterates (such as jellyfish), molluscs (such as snails, mussels), crustaceans (such as shrimp, crabs), insects (silkworm pupae, locusts, scorpions, ants), to vertebrates, including fish, amphibians (such as bullfrogs), reptiles (such as snakes), mammals (such as cattle, sheep, pigs), birds (such as chickens) Duck, goose). It's no exaggeration to say that there are few kinds of creatures that human beings can't eat.

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