What's the use of the human genome project ?

The human genome project: drawing this mysterious "blueprint of life" in the human body has been completed. The sequence diagram of 3 billion base pairs distributed on these 24 DNA molecules is like a Book of heaven. How do we read it?

From the arrangement of these base pairs, scientists will know which base pairs are genes, what genes they are and what functions they have. The mystery of life will be gradually revealed with the in-depth study of the arrangement of these base pairs. In addition, this study will provide reliable evidence for where human beings originated and how ethnic groups diverged and migrated. For example, the Chinese nation is a big family composed of 56 ethnic groups. The genomic research of 56 ethnic groups can compare the similarities and differences, so as to determine the formation period and development footprint of each ethnic group.

The human genome project has also put forward many new "test questions" for scientists: Although the sequence of 3 billion base pairs has been determined, there is no clear answer to how many genes there are in them; in long DNA molecules, there are a large number of base pairs that do not directly participate in protein synthesis, so what role these base pairs play is still unclear It's a mystery. Moreover, all organisms, including human beings, have to go through many different physiological processes from birth to death. These processes can only be completed by the coordination and interaction of a variety of substances. If there is a problem in the arrangement region of base pairs in the genome that bears an important task, how it will affect life activities is still poorly understood. The phenomenon of life is so complex and magical that we still have a long way to go in order to fully explore the mystery of life.