Are there black flowers in nature

Colorful, colorful flowers, red, yellow, purple, white, pink and other colors make nature more beautiful, but there are no black flowers. This is because black absorbs all the sunlight and heats up quickly in the sunlight. For example, we humans seldom wear black clothes in summer. In order to protect delicate petals from sunlight, plants will not form black flowers naturally. Moreover, the petals of plants mainly contain carotenoids and anthocyanins, which can make the petals appear red, orange, yellow, purple and other colors, but not black. Without melanin, there would be no black flowers.

Some people may argue that although black flowers are extremely rare, they do exist, such as rare varieties of black rose, black peony and black tulip. In fact, these rare varieties have been cultivated by human beings for a long time, making the color of flowers become very dark purple black, but so far, they have not really been cultivated into plant varieties that can produce completely black flowers.